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DESIGN: Garden and yard wall art

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For most of the world, the Spring and Summer months are quickly approaching. Tiny flowers have started to pop open in timid anticipation for the sun and here in Spain, tree blossoms have suddenly exploded and we have been blessed with a few days of warm sunshine.

So, with gardens in mind, we’ve together some ideas for decorating your outside space. Not everyone has a large garden and probably for the majority, we’re limited to small paved areas, balconies or blank expanses of fence. But here’s where the G Vega tiles excel. Our wall art sets can be hung on a variety of mediums including bricks, wood, rough stone and rendered walls. At G Vega, we only use the highest quality earthenware to create our tiles. Hand carved in deep relief, carefully sanded, hand painted and then glazed, these ceramics are truly unique and make beautiful additions to any space. Our ceramic tiles can be used both indoors and out.

The G Vega team offer some tips on decorating different outdoor spaces with handmade ceramic wall art:

A blank wall or fence

The G Vega wall art sets are perfect for an empty canvas. Our work is unique and the deep relief carving of the ceramic brings an unusual aesthetic quality, reflecting the light at different times of the day.

Our ceramic tiles can be created in a variety of different colour finishes, depending on your style and taste. Our work is widely recognised for the turquoise finish, which has a shiny surface and reflects a great deal of light when hung outside. But if you’d like a matt finish, the beige and white tiles have matt finishes to both shades, while the blue and white tiles combine a shiny and a matt finish.

The G Vega wall art sets are made up of our three different design inspirations – Moroccan, Mandala and Suzani. Customers have the choice of which designs they’d like within their set and can also pick the tile shapes and sizes – round, cut out, etc., and so each wall art set is truly unique. Every single one of our ceramic tiles is hand crafted, from start to finish. Differences in size, colours and crackle are desired characteristics of handmade ceramics. We like to call these the “perfect imperfections” and show that our tiles are not factory made.

If you are nervous about installing our wall art sets and need some guidance on how to hang them on different backgrounds, read our blog post which gives guidelines on how to safely hang our tiles. In each container we post of our wall art, we include an installation guide, screws and raw plugs to help you hang your tiles.

12 tiles in turquoise, buy it here

Balconies and tiny spaces

Just because you might be limited in outside space, doesn’t mean you can decorate it and turn it into a focal point in your home. The G Vega wall art sets can be put together with as little as two tiles but if you’d like to decorate with a piece that’s more organic in an asymmetrical space, perhaps our flying cranes will catch your eye. We’ve seen these used in the most creative ways by our customers and we find them particularly special. Because of the way the cranes “pop” from the surface, shadow is created which will wax and wane as the sun comes and goes. These could almost be in flight as the shadow moves across the flock. Equally, our fish tiles and circular wall art sets will achieve an asymmetrical design in a smaller space.

20 cranes, buy it here

Set of three tiles, buy it here

Doorways and pillars

Decorating a doorway or pillar is a more unusual idea but we have several ceramic tile sets that are small enough to be used on a pillar, while managing to stand out. Our latest design features five different ceramic tiles – three circular and two shaped as the “all seeing eye”. This design makes for beautiful garden décor or as architectural ceramics – they work best in a column and add a curious detail to your garden. Find more of these ceramic tile designs on our Etsy page.

Alternatively, our handmade 15cm wall art tiles are available as either squares or circles and in the Moroccan, Mandala or Suzani designs. These make a stunning piece when hung in groups but just as easily catch the eye when hung alone. Another option for these is to decorate steps – a typical Spanish design idea that creates a big impact.

Set of five pillar tiles, buy it here

An existing garden feature

Often, we have customers asking for some help in decorating an existing feature, such as a fountain, water feature or pool house. Of course, it depends on the project, but a mix of our field tiles and decorative tiles can transform an area into a unique exterior design.

Ceramic tiles make a stunning finish to any water feature, reflecting the movement and flow of water. Take a look at our Etsy page to find our latest listings for field tiles, which are more suitable when used in a larger surface area. The G Vega fish scale tiles certainly make an eye-catching backdrop! If you’re thinking of adding some art to an existing garden feature, please email us at info@gvega.com and we’d love to advise you.

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