Suzani ceramic wall art #1/R - blue [27.5cm]

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size: 27.5 W × 27.5 H × 1.5 L

Suzani "recortado"  #1 wall art made from ceramic - Blue and white.

This Suzani wall hanging was carved in deep relief and no two pieces are exactly alike making each one truly unique. Its amorphic edges are carefully cut and sanded. Our ceramic wall art is handmade and hand painted using the highest quality earthenware, it is frost resistant and suitable for interiors and exteriors.

This handmade tile has a recessed hole in the back for secure hanging and can be used as wall decor. 

INSPIRATION AND STYLE: This collection was inspired by the beautiful Suzani fabrics from Uzbekistan.  Our unique style of ceramics fuse deep relief carvings and our special glaze formulas to create something truly unique. Our designs are tactile, architectural and have versatile installation applications.

VERSATILITY: Our ceramics are frost resistant and can be used as exterior art.  These stunning pieces are individual statement pieces of art or alternatively can be grouped together to make large mural installations for interior or exterior walls.  

  • 27.5cm.
  • Hole in back for secure hanging.
  • Carved with a deep relief and hand painted making each one trully unique.
  • Signed on back.
  • Frost resitant wall decor. 
  • Handmade in Spain.