Circle Wall Art Set - Moroccan #3/R

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Moroccan decorative tiles made from ceramic - wall decor - Set of 3 tiles.

These unique ceramic tiles make a real statement piece of art and can be used as bathroom or kitchen tile decor or outdoor wall art. Our tiles are suitable for interiors and exteriors and create a stunning visual centrepiece individually or grouped together to make larger installations.

These handmade tiles are carved in deep relief using the highest quality earthenware . Our ceramic tiles are hand painted making each one truly unique.  

Our wall tiles are easily hung, they have a recessed hole in the back which hook over a screw for secure hanging.  

This wall art collection was inspired by the beautiful Moroccan zellige designs.  

1 x Moroccan wall art #3 - cutout - glazed in turquoise [10.6 inches / 27.5 cm].
2 x Moroccan wall art - circular 15cm - glazed in turquoise [5.9 inches / 15 cm].